Never thought I’d love a sleep mask. Got it to try several months ago and now own several of these. Very soft, smooth, breathable, fits perfect and blocks light 100%. Easy clean, hand wash with baby shampoo.

Improve the quality of your sleep – the time for silky smooth sleep is now
100 silk eye mask

Pure Silk Eye Mask – 100% Natural Silk (22 Momme)


A natural sleep aid and eye relaxer, crafted from 100% skin friendly mulberry silk. Achieve the ultimate beauty sleep while sleeping thanks to the silk properties.
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Personalize Your Order With Professional Monagramming

We offer a bespoke monogramming service for both commercial brands and (we have worked with many prestigious brands in the past) as well as for personal home use.

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Turn off from the world – in your own style and conditions!

Knowing you will often use our premium sleeping mask on the go, we enhanced with a high-quality drawstring carry bag for easy transport and safe storage. On top of that, for even more stylish appearance, even when you nap or sleep, you may explore 13 sleek patterns and color styles.

Discover versatile and fashionable designs for both men and women. We literally have something for every taste.

Improve the quality of your sleep – the time for silky smooth sleep is now! Welcome to Mulberry Silk Eye Sleep Mask – where deep silky smooth sleep is your new reality.


Anti Aging

The super smooth and soft texture gently interacts with your skin, helping protect the delicate facial skin around your eyes by preventing imprints from bedding that could cause creases and wrinkles.


Only organic mulberry silk touches your face and eyes. Colorfast and used non-toxic dyes, making it a best choice for anyone with sensitive eyes or skin conditions.

Save on Skincare

Silk is less absorbent than cotton or synthetic, which means more beauty product stays on your skin, saving you money and giving you that bedtime glow! Unlike satin pillowcases, silk sleeping mask does not soak up as much moisture, which can help keep your skin hydrated.

Ideal For Dry Eye Sufferers

Cool fibers of silk lets healthy oxygen flow while keeping dry air and allergenic particles out, and also prevents excess heat from being trapped, which may disturb sleep.

Fully Adjustable - One Size Fits All

Expand from 15.8″ to 27.6″ in circumference, suitable for women, men or kids. Gentle, easy-to-adjust headband won’t snag hair. The buckle stays at the back of your head, not at your temples, which can be uncomfortable for side-sleepers.

Quick nap or deep sleep anywhere

No matter what you want: lazy afternoon naps at your home/resting and sleep on the plane/bus/ train/to focus on your yoga/meditation etc. All this is possible with our full coverage silk sleeping eye mask. And once you feel the comfort and luxury materials, you are sure to make it your travel accessory for relaxing and uninterrupted sleep anywhere, anytime!

Silk Sleeping Mask

There's a plastic or metal clip on the adjustment band. It looks like your head would rest right against it and would not be comfortable?
It does not cause any discomfort at all. It is a small clip and doesn’t cause any issue
Does it leave the nose free, unencumbered so it can breathe just the way it does in daytime, or is there pressure so breath is slightly more effort?
Nose free and no pressure in that area because it’s easily adjustable.
Does this let ANY light in?
It is designed not let light in. If you change positions from your back to your side, the mask may slide a little but all you have to do is readjust to the place where it was. you will not have any problems with light getting in around your nose + it doesn’t block air getting in to your nose. It has an adjustment strap that you can use to loosen or tighten the mask.
Does it put any pressure on the eyes?
If you adjust the strap so the mask isn’t tight around your head, you shouldn’t feel pressure on your eyes
Is it okay to get night face cream on this? How often do you need to wash this?
Silk being smooth, it won’t mess with any skin lotions or eye creams you might put on your face…
Is Silk Eco-Friendly?
YES – Silk is made from nature. Silk products are created responsibly. Silk is durable and long-lasting, which reduces unnecessary waste. Silk is easy to care for naturally. Silk helps you live a life that’s more eco-friendly. Silk is recyclable.
Is it washable?
Yes, it is absolutely washable. But I would always do so by hand. Some cool water, and a few drops of Woolite Delicates works wonders
Is there room for you to open and blink your eyes without them hitting the mask?
Your eyes won’t hit the mask but your eyelashes will. They touch the mask but you can blink. You can adjust how tight it is against your face. If you make it really loose you can probably angle it to keep it off your lashes completely.

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